Green Light for the Entrance to Higher Education Institutions

Green Light for the Entrance to Higher Education Institutions Nine months of the preparation to the Unified National Testing in the municipal tutorial center, where in the frame of the Saby Foundation Education Project the fosterlings of our children houses built on their knowledge of school subjects, have been passed.

Control exams as well as the last year’s experience have showed that after having passed these courses, when entering higher education institutions, school leavers can count on the winning of education scholarships. We do hope that the tenacious long work on deepening of knowledge and sharpening of UNT techniques in the end will help the children to cope with the intension during examination and pass it, having done by this the first step in social adaptation.

And we, having “crossed our fingers”, can only wait for the results of our common efforts – high scores in the republican testing. We wish good luck and success to future enrollees!

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