Grants for the future

Grants for the future This year, 49 students from Almaty and regions have studied at the secondary and higher educational institutions of our country thanks to Saby Charitable Foundation grants, issued under the Educational Project and Alem Young Talents Support Program.

From our experience, we know that only a few first-year students are able to get involved in learning and assimilate knowledge they are being taught from the very beginning. Former schoolchildren feel a sense of discomfort; they fail to keep their usual rhythm of life, barely coping with the increased workload and responsibility. Unfortunately, freshers sometimes give up their study at the start. That’s why we count our ‘chickens’ not on the 1st of September, but a little later, giving them the opportunity to adapt.

Now, in November, when our happy grantees come to the Foundation and tell us about their learning in a new atmosphere and vivid impressions, we listen to each of them with interest and realize how important and actual our educational grants are, which give their owners the opportunity to get their favorite professions and find their own way in life.

We wish all representatives of younger generation to show confidently their talents and aspire to knowledge!

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