Good Luck, School Leavers!

Good Luck, School Leavers! Сourses of preparation to the Common National Testing, which Saby Foundation organizes every year in one of the educational centers of our city for foster children of boarding schools of Almaty and Almaty region, have terminated recently.

As we wrote earlier, not all seniors, who participated in the project, could boast their results in the first months: additional loading to the school program is hard. 8-month way to the main testing was difficult. Sometimes school leavers had to miss classes by the reason of illness or other reasons. But in spite of this the majority of them could dispose vacancies in their knowledge, which seemed to be especially difficult. They improved their results and showed stable good points.

On the part of the Foundation comprehensive contact was maintaining with mentors from educational centers, fosterers and pupils themselves over the period of the training course. Now we hope that every school leaver can pass his/her first main examination with certainty.

Good luck!

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