Saby Foundation opened a surgery department in the children's municipal hospital No.2 in Almaty

Aselle Tasmagambetova on the opening of pediatric surgery in Almaty: 

«Сәби» Қорының қызметінің алғашқы күндерінен бастап Медициналық жобаның орны ерекше болды. 17 жыл бойы біз бұл бағытта көп жұмыс атқардық: Қор көптеген емханаларда ота жасау, медициналық және оңалту бөлмерін жөндеуден өткізіп, қажетті қондырғылармен жабдықтаған; ауруханаларға, емханаларға, ғылыми-зерттеу институттарына медициналық жабдықтарды, құрал-саймандарды, тұтыну материалдарын, арнайы жиһаздарды сыйға тартты;  емдеу және ауруды алдын алу мекемелерінде кішкентай пациенттердің емделуін жеңілдету үшін ойын бөлмелері орналастырды; шет елде емделген балалардың төлемақысы өтелген».

We consider, that the basic index of medical field development lies in the availability of qualitative urgent pediatric surgery. Almaty city intensively develops and new districts joint it. The city population has approached to 2 million people. Number of children, to whom medical establishments render services, intensively increases. For the last year, approximately 70 thousand children undergone treatment in the hospitals in Almaty under the conditions of twenty-four-hour hospital treatment. More than 45,000 children have been urgently admitted to hospitals. City surgeons conducted 109 various surgical operations for 2018, almost half of the operations were conducted urgently.

It is not surprising that the only available city urgent pediatric surgery hardly manages the increased flow of patients. Having estimated the situation and considering the complexity of the problem, it was decided to start up new surgery on the basis of Pediatric city clinical hospital No. 2 under an initiative of Saby Foundation and together with one of the best surgeons in Almaty, Doctor of Medical Science, experienced doctor Yermek Abuyevich Ayazbekov.

Today, we cannot certainly state that we have organized an urgent surgery service corresponding to the highest world standards. Modern laparoscopic equipment, which allows making minimally invasive operations, ensuring minor body intervention, as opposed to open operations applied for the same purposes, is installed here. Laminar Air Flow Distribution System was provided to prevent from ingress of bacterial contamination and maintain sterile cleanness. The surgery equipment entirely meets all the modern requirements for medical equipment.

Therefore, new high tech surgery block will ensure modern and qualitative surgical measure, which is required for young patients of our multi-million city.

Our work is not completed, we never limit ourselves to one-time assistance. We use system-wide approach in all the Saby Foundation projects, supervising and assisting sponsored organizations until they become independent. The same work is planned to be done in Children's hospital No. 2. The Foundation is intended to collaborate with hospital and participate in establishment of urgent surgery services to the extent possible not only in Almaty, but also in other regions. We plan to conduct a lot of trainings and courses for surgeons with the support of Yermek Abuyevich, who will train new surgeons for medical institutions of our city.

We are sure that it will work out!


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