Expansion of a car fleet of the capital “Invataxi” Service

Today the Kazakhstan Confederation of Disabled Persons (Astana) using 6 cars of Invataxi service, 4 of which were presented by our Foundation at the beginning of this year, renders free transport services to 2,500 citizens and guests of Astana city having specific difficulties of movement.

However, according to our practice, even such quantity of transport vehicles is insufficient to perform all requests received by the dispatcher service. This problem is particularly typical when some public events are held in the city, as a result of which there is a necessity for simultaneous transportation of a great number of people.

The situation can be rectified with the help of a specialized Volkswagen Crafter bus gifted additionally by “Saby” Foundation to disabled persons of Astana city. Like any other Invataxi cars this bus is equipped with hydraulic elevators for wheelchairs; however it has greater interior space for 3 wheelchairs and 6 seats.

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