Did you call Invataxi?

Did you call Invataxi? 3 years have passed from the start of the project “Decent life to disabled persons”. And we, together with public organizations of disabled persons that have received invataxi vehicles from our Foundation, are proud to share the results.

At this date the “Saby” Foundation has purchased 50 vehicles, of which 9 cars are currently being re-equipment at the factory in Germany and, as they become available in Almaty they will be distributed in different regions of Kazakhstan.

Today, the “Invataxi” free social taxi service for people with disabilities is operating in 14 cities of our country. Each car is equipped with special hydraulic lifts, which makes it easier to carry out landing for wheelchair users. It is very important - now passengers, who have difficulties in movement, do not need to transfer from wheelchairs to car seats, and back.
The importance and necessity of transport services are supported by numerous grateful responds in log books assigned to each car.

Vadim TOROPOV, Chairman of the City Association of Disabled Persons, Shymkent:
“I want to say that the organization of the “Invataxi” service in Shymkent has changed many things, and the most important one is the attitude of citizens towards people with disabilities. Before, there were false stereotypes that we did not have any disabled persons because they were all sitting at home. Due to the project launched by the President of the “Saby” Foundation Assel Tasmagambetova, people with disabilities have started feeling full-fledged citizens. Participation in various cultural events held in the town, visiting social, medical, educational and other institutions - all this has become possible. In turn, the attitude to the organization of disabled persons from state institutions and citizens of South Kazakhstan region has also changed"

Maral NURALINA, dispatcher of the “Invataxi” service, Association for protection of disabled citizens of Aktobe:
“Establishment of a specialized taxi service for people with disabilities in Aktobe has become a great progress of all people! Such a big step ahead in the development of social life of our city has become possible with the help of the “Saby” Charitable Foundation, which has given our Association two specialized vehicles for transportation of wheelchair users. Now, many disabled persons using the services of the social taxi can move to their targets"

Shakhan ZHULDASBAYEV, consistent user of the “Invataxi” service, Aktobe:
“In June 2007 I met with an accident: I got under the wheels of a car. Diagnosis: cervical vertebra fractured. For a long time I received medical treatment and rehabilitation in Kazakhstan and Russia. I do not want to talk about that terrible days and suffering of mu relatives. Now it's all over. I have disability of I category and I want to live. Recently, I have got a job in the Association of Disabled Persons of Aktobe city. Due to the fact that I live 20 kilometers from the city, a comfortable “Invataxi” car brings me every day to my work and back. I know that many people are using the “Invataxi” services, but there are a lot of people who want to use it. I sincerely thank all my friends and relatives, the city management, Association for protection of disabled citizens of Aktobe and, of course, the “Saby” Charitable Foundation for the opportunity to start my life again. Let our city have more such kind people and such equipment that facilitates lives of those people who have lost the ability to move independently. I will try to justify your and my hopes"

In order to take advantage of “Invataxi” service you should call the dispatcher one day before the trip and order the service (phone numbers for each city are listed in “useful links” at our website).

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