Completion of the psychological correction programme

The programme of psychological correction and social adaptation of graduates of orphanages launched by the “Saby” Foundation in last November has been completed. The last exercise has been held, and we can say that theoretical and practical trainings conducted within six months in three sponsored orphanages have shown their results. Children, who worked hard and really wished to get skills of homemaking, searching for housing, successful communication, professional orientation, employment and many other things required independent living, were able to master such skills in full.

Experience shows that children, who are under guardianship of the state, do not think about their future "adult" life. Professional psychologist working under the psychological correction programme said: "... the vast majority of children, especially those who have spent in orphanages for 3-4 years or more, have a vague idea of ordinary life. Sometimes they do not have basic independent living skills. In some cases we can even talk about partial social disability. "

Psychological trainings have helped children see themselves from outside, assess soberly their possibilities, think about the future and learn to make independent decisions, which was the basic idea of completed trainings.

See interview of a professional psychologist on pages of our website in the near future.

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