CNT (Common National Testing) at the Finish

CNT (Common National Testing) at the Finish Only half of a year passed as foster children of our affiliated boarding schools, who study in graduation classes, have started their eight month training courses to prepare to the common national testing in one educational center of Almaty city. Saby Charitable Foundation will bear all expenses with the purpose of children education.

It is true that the educational program became a hard examination; several people, not passed the increased stress, retired the distance and only 9 out of 12 participants attend classes currently.

At the same time we are gladdened the fact, that the remaining school children study zealously and seriously prepare for the coming CNT. The results of intermediate testing from month to month show positive tendency of academic progress. Thus everyone tries to increase his/her chances of entering a chosen university on a budgetary basis.

We want to believe that our children will meet all expectations and efforts, will receive required passing marks and will start education with any specialization in autumn!

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