Bright Life with “Montessori”

Bright Life with “Montessori” “Grandma (“Apai” in the Kazakh language), I want to Montessori!” employees of Kyzylorda Boarding School often heard this request from their fosterlings, because the unique atmosphere in The Montessori Center of Early Development, organized by Saby Charitable Foundation on the basis of social institution, invites children to daily trainings.

Little children are attracted by ideal selected playing and educational materials, which open the opportunity for the whole spectrum of simple, comprehensible and unusually entertaining lessons, which become the first source of environment cognition, introduce with useful domestic skills and fix such skills for the whole life.

Certainly, the qualification of educators, who direct children during lessons nonintrusively, has the significant importance. Professionals of Kyzylorda Boarding School with success mastered the teaching methods for children from birth till 3 year old age on this system during two stages of education with the lecturer of Eurasian Montessori Center of Pedagogics in Yekaterinburg, the organization and all expenditures of which took Saby Foundation. All listeners, who visited seminars, got original certificates of Eurasian Montessori Center of Pedagogics and now they shall undergo trainings during 9 months.

One more stage of training will be held in spring of the next year, which improves the qualification of teachers after which they can be called professional experts of Montessori system.

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