Become the Person What You Are

Become the Person What You Are Coming closer to the graduation, every high school student starts thinking about the future, looking for his or her own “key to success in life”, thinking on the question “what to become?” Most teens choose a profession on their relatives’advice or by their friends’example, without regard to their character traits, preferences and aptitudes. Unfortunately, such kind of choice hardly ever proves to be successful. As a result, the coveted university diploma lies dusty in a cabinet, and the newlytrained specialist is tempting fate in a completely different field.

Occupational choice is one of the most serious issues facing school leavers and directly influencing their life. That’s why Saby Charitable Foundation organizes annual computer testing for career guidance of the pupils of Almaty children’s homes, which is conducted in two stages, in October and February. The teens welcome this innovation with great interest and responsibility, because everyone wants to test themselves and not to be mistaken in their chosen path. A computer program developed by Moscow State University named after M. Lomonosov gives participants not only accurate guidelines for choosing the specialty, but also advice on the development of skills and preparation for entry into universities.

The first stage of testing is launching in a few days, and we hope that each of our students, having it passed, will be able to say with confidence: “I want to be a...”

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