Aselle Tasmagambetova takes part in the international conference Edcrunch Glocal 2021

As part of the event, Aselle Imangalievna shared her many years of experience in projects in the field of education, which was supervised by the Saby charity foundation, and also spoke about large-scale school projects.

In 2017, Aselle Tasmagambetova and her husband Kenes Rakishev built and donated gymnasium No.174 to the city of Almaty, with an area of ​​almost 12 thousand square meters, with an area of ​​3 hectares. The school was designed for 1200 students, at the moment there are about 3000 children studying in it.

In 2020, the couple opened a private school named after Shokan Valikhanov, which was recognized as the first ecological school in the CIS and received a LEED certificate.

“We adhere to the classical principle of education, which is based on academic knowledge, a basis on which other skills can be enjoyed. The school must take an active part in shaping the personality of the child. It is necessary to give the opportunity to develop your inner potential to the maximum. We believe that you cannot build a future without knowing your history, for this it is necessary that our graduates maintain a connection with their homeland, regardless of where they plan to study and develop. In our school, great emphasis is placed on the study of Kazakh culture and language,” - Aselle Tasmagambetova said about the principles that are key in the private school named after Shokan Valikhanov.

The session “Space of knowledge: why do millionaires open schools and invest in educational projects” was moderated by Armanzhan Baytasov, publisher of Forbes Kazakhstan magazine and owner of the Tan Media Group holding.

The conference was also attended by Berik Kaniev, shareholder and chairman of the board of directors of Lancaster Group, Islambek Salzhanov, entrepreneur, philanthropist, chairman of the supervisory board of AQ Group, Raimbek Batalov, owner of Raimbek Group JSC, Veronika Zonabend, social entrepreneur, co-founder of United World College, an international school for teenagers.


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