Asselle Tasmagambetova about the project “Emergency Pediatric Surgery”

"One of the criteria for assessing the level of health care services, in my opinion, is having an effective, well-functioning emergency care system. Emergency surgery is the core of this system, which means that the ability to provide timely, high-quality surgical care in place ensures the safety of patients' lives. "

"The fundamental goal of our project is a systematic activity on improvement of the medical services quality in Regions where only one children's hospital operates, serving the entire city and nearby settlements”.

"As of today, we have opened emergency pediatric surgery departments in the cities of Almaty, Semey and Aktau. The works commenced in Petropavlovsk. The departments are equipped with all necessary tools and devices, state-of-the-art and technological equipment. Medical gas distribution and removal systems, laminar flow providing sterile cleanliness of premises, laparoscopic equipment for minimally invasive operations and other rescue, surgical and therapeutic equipment are installed here. "

"On the basis of these newly opened surgical departments, we plan to conduct a series of training workshops from recognized specialists in the field of pediatric surgery of Russia (Moscow) and Kazakhstan. Moreover, upgrade training courses of our doctors at the Russian Medical Academy of Continuing Professional Education are organized".

I believe that all of these things will ultimately give a powerful breakthrough in the professional staff development on site and in improving the medical services quality!"

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