Targeted aid in November

Thanks to regular donations to us, the Saby Foundation once again supported several beneficiaries.

Among them, a pupil of the Center for Adaptation and Support of Graduates of Social Institutions in the city of Almaty - Rinat Sadykov. The Saby Foundation purchased and presented the young man with a laptop for distance learning at the University.

Erasyl Amantay, a 3rd year student, moves in a wheelchair, we helped him to purchase a special equipment and household appliances to ensure comfortable living conditions.

The third beneficiary was the six-year-old boy Tamerlan, to whom the Saby Foundation purchased and transferred the expensive Sabril medicine.

And, finally, nine-year-old Aizere received a support. The girl was paid for a medical examination at V.A. Almazov Medical Center in St. Petersburg.

We express our great gratitude to all those who make donations to our Saby Foundation. May your kindness and generosity be doubly rewarded. Thank you!

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