Aselle Tasmagambetova: 17 years in charity


Mercy, compassion, and love - these are, in my opinion, the three whales of charity. These are also the fundamental qualities of any normal person. Accordingly, to be engaged in charity is a normal phenomenon, it should not astonish anyone. At what point the philanthropy became something supernatural and extraordinary, and cynicism, callousness and selfishness - the norm? Such a substitution of concepts is also fixed by fashionable now calls to love yourself and only yourself. They are misleading and confusing in objectives.

All this and the question constantly asked me “how and why did I come to charity” leads me to confusion. After all, I did not come, and I am not going to leave: charity, it is the norm for me. It takes up most of my life, but there is no unique and much less sacred meaning. Philanthropy gives a sense to  life, makes the personality stronger and the inner world - richer and deeper. I am a happy person in this sense!

The results of my charitable activities are quite tangible. For 17 years, the Saby Foundation has been implementing 9 strategic projects on an ongoing basis, 8 of which are of republican scale. Two big programs were also added this year. Projects, without exaggeration, are successful, so much so that some officials sometimes seize their authorship. That is even funny!

I have a lot of ideas ahead, I still want to change so much for the better! I believe that everything will work out. And I also believe that there will come a time when everyone will be engaged in philanthropy and patronage, and this will become usual. After all, in order to do good things, you do not have to have a lot of money - you must just want to help, help with advice, with your attention or competence. I also believe that it will be possible to share the results of my charitable work without the expectation that you will be accused of self-praise or in some secret sense, because it will become the norm for everyone.


Happy birthday, my dear Saby!


The opening of the game Park by Aselle Tasmagambetova
I am pleased to tell, that building of new large municipal children’s playground in Atyrau is completed!
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I am often asked why I amworking for charity and have established the foundation.
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‘Saby’ Foundation is 13 years old: a considerable period to make a name and form a solid reputation