“YOUTH” Project – taking new targets

“YOUTH” Project – taking new targets Each event that is highlighted by us on Saby’s web-site as well as all the preliminary works to be initiated for its organization including other arrangements being planned – are of great importance for the Foundation. We do not classify the Projects with a breakthrough to their importance, including all of the steps to be taken for their implementation – because all of our Projects are of highly importance for us. Nevertheless we are always very happy to announce the launching new Projects because they will take a long and interesting way to be successfully implemented and will help a lot of people living in our Kazakhstan.

Today we would like to announce the starting of our new “YOUTH” Project. The Project is mainly directed on solving the problems of integration of orphanage graduates into the society. At the present time, although graduates of orphanages have benefits for housing from the republican housing stock in accordance with the Law of the Republic of Kazakhstan “On Housing Relations" dated April 16, 1997, they do not actually receive housing because they are standing in a queue with other poor socially protected layers of population.

In this regard, under the “Youth” Project the “Saby” Foundation is considering a possibility to render assistance to young people-orphans in solving a difficult problem related to acquisition of their own housing on favorable terms. In this case the following condition is principal: it should be not a trivial scheme of "a benefactor gave – a beneficiary took” but long and hard work on the part of a recipient. Thus, applicants for housing may be only full orphans who have reached 23 years, received higher education and are currently working. Such a system will cause a graduate to think and work exerting maximum efforts and producing a stable habit of thoughtful and responsible approach to building a life. According to the given concept the most effective system for acquisition of housing by orphans may by the triangular mutual cooperation of Saby Foundation, Applicant for housing and JSC “Zhilstroysberbank of Kazakhstan”.

This type of cooperation is rather constructive. It gives a young graduate of a Youth Home an opportunity to receive an initial installment in a sufficiently large amount of money, which is not possible to collect by its own forces. In addition, subsequent financial payments do not have a material adverse effect on the budget because of their reasonableness. Moreover, final settlements with a bank and the Foundation will be made by a young man when he lives in his own house, maybe having a family and increasing his wealth, which can accelerate the settlement with creditors. As of 2011 for the purposes of this Project we have 7 graduates from Youth Homes operating here in Almaty.

For more detailed information about the “YOUTH” Project you can find here

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