You gave Life to children!

You gave Life to children! On June 30, 2011 the “Saby” Foundation and “Mercy” Voluntary Society held a reporting press-conference in MEGA Shopping Mall and presented the interim results of the project “Give Life to Children” aimed at collection of money for kids suffering from diseases that are not treatable in Kazakhstan.

The event was confined to a remarkable event - the “Saby” Foundation received from its sponsors the largest donation for the whole period of the project – 26,500,000 tenge, which was transferred by the Foundation to the “HOUSE” Foundation to finance surgical operations that are performed abroad for children suffering from severe congenital heart defects.

The warm atmosphere of the meeting gathered together organizers, sponsors and representatives of mass media, as well as young patients, who had previously received medical assistance under the project, and families who have yet to go through this hard way.

Welcoming speech was made by Aruzhan Sain. She thanked a company, which had made such a generous donation, and shared the results of our work: since 2007, when the project was launched, individuals and organizations had donated 2,036,000 US dollars in total and 315 children had been given assistance. And each new contribution would increase chances of small children to recover.

Many of our countrymen are involved in charity, and we do hope that the society of our country will always be compassionate.

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