International-class surgeries have been built in 5 regions of Kazakhstan

The Saby Charitable Foundation opened the fifth high-tech emergency pediatric surgery department in the city of Atyrau. This is the largest facility implemented by the Foundation as part of its Emergency Pediatric Surgery project. There are three operating rooms installed here, in which advanced medical equipment is installed, allowing the most complex surgical operations to be performed. The cost of the object was 569 million tenge. The area of repair work is 900 sq.m.

The first emergency surgery department was opened by the Foundation in Almaty in May 2019. The second - in Semey in January 2020. The third - in Aktau in June 2021, the fourth in Petropavlovsk in February 2022. The total budget of the project amounted to 1 billion 636 million tenge.

“Since the opening of the Saby Foundation in 2002, the medical direction has always been and remains one of the priorities. The Foundation’s Medical project covers all regions of Kazakhstan, from regional to rural medical institutions. These include repairs and reconstruction, equipping hospitals and training specialists, purchasing medicines and supporting doctors.

The problem is that 60% of the buildings of medical institutions in Kazakhstan were built back in the 50-60s of the last century. The design of hospitals was carried out, and in some cases is still being carried out, according to Soviet SNiPs and SanPiNs, which are outdated and require updating. Most hospitals and clinics are in dire need of modernization and re-equipment. Spaces without partitions, cozy waiting areas, intuitive navigation, high-tech equipment and the most qualified specialists - this is what a modern hospital should be like. Taking into account all the above factors, we have built emergency pediatric surgeries in Aktau, Almaty, Semey, Petropavlovsk and Atyrau. We create the most comfortable conditions for both parties – the doctor and the patient,” said Aselle Tasmagambetova, president of the Saby charitable foundation.

The surgery in Atyrau was built on the basis of the regional children's hospital, which provides medical care to more than 250 thousand children of the city and region.

The hospital building was put into operation in 1974, the last time the medical facility was renovated was in 2013, while the reconstruction was carried out according to standards approved back in 2000, without taking into account the modern requirements of patients and doctors.

Complete renovation and equipping with modern equipment will allow doctors to carry out unique operations on site, without wasting precious time on transportation, and timely medical care will significantly reduce the disability of children.

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