Successful social responsibility projects: CAIER, Saby, Shokan School

Aselle Tasmagambetova, ecologist, founder of the Central Asian Institute for Environmental Research (CAIER), Saby Charitable Foundation and Private school named after Shokan Ualikhanov was invited as an expert to the Astana Mining & Metallurgy Congress, which was held on June 1-2 in Astana City.

AMM is one of the largest industry events in Central Asia, at the site of which heads of industry

ministries and associations, representatives of national and international companies, investment funds and experts from all over the world meet to discuss the current challenges of MMC and build effective networking. The event was attended by more than 500 delegates from 13 countries of the world, including from Austria, Great Britain, Germany, Iran, Canada, Cameroon, Mongolia, Norway, South Africa.

During the panel session "The best examples of social responsibility through the prism of sustainable development: regions and companies," Aselle Tasmagambetova spoke about the experience of implementing systemic charitable, medical, environmental, and educational projects, taking into account the UN SDGs.

During the speech, a number of projects were presented that changed the lives of many people and became significant for the whole country. Among them: "Saving the Caspian Seal," "Construction of the Emergency Pediatric Surgery Departments," a competition for supporting young entrepreneurs "Build Your Business," Robotics Centers, a republican competition for supporting young performers "Dombyra Dastan," an environmental forum for young scientists Shokan Ecology and many other things. "Sustainable development is a combination of social and environmental aspects, expressed in 17 SDGs. A common message of which is a responsibility for our present and future, for what kind of world our children will live in.

Sustainable development goals, the ESG agenda - today is no longer the future - are the reality we live in and shall be reckoned with. Therefore, the Central Asian Institute for Environmental Research, the Saby Charitable Foundation, the private school named after Shokan Ualikhanov is engaged in impact investing, the so-called "‘social impact investing." We are implementing projects that will have a positive impact on the future of our children.

In my opinion, one of the criteria for a progressive society is the attitude of society to charity and the involvement of citizens in the social life of their country. This is a strong civil society, and the community of foundations and volunteers is a micromodel of a strong civil society,” said Aselle Tasmagambetova in her speech.

The session was moderated by Yuliya Yakupbayeva, co-founder of the ESG club, partner of the GPI group. The reports were also presented by Ruslan Sultanov, Chairman of the Management Board of the Institute of Economic Research JSC, Madi Ismailov, Head of Government Relations of Eurasian Group LLP, Saniya Arapova, Vice President of the Association of Legal Entities "Association of Friends of Tel Aviv University in the Republic of Kazakhstan", Timur Mursalimov, Director of the Department of ESG AK Altyn Almas, Gulnara Stamkulova, Director for Social Responsibility of ArcelorMittal Temirtau JSC, Brendan Duprey, Director of Sustainable Kazakhstan Research Institute, Associate Professor in the discipline "Sustainable Development" at Narkhoz University, Neil Reader, Senior Vice President, B2Gold, Mauro Dellemonache, General Director of Geovia Dassault Systemes.


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