The psychological correction and social adaptation programme has been started for children from orphanages and boarding-schools

The psychological correction and social adaptation programme has been started for children from orphanages and boarding-schools Children from orphanages receive the most severe psychological traumas and extremely negative experience during their non-durable life. Their world perception is extremely distorted and their social skills are not formed adequately. Such children do not know anything about life in the civilized society but they are familiarized well with customs of the difficult environment where they have been living for a long time.

Children are dreaming of normal life, they want to be good people, so they use their best efforts for that, however, after leaving an orphanage or a boarding-school they have to return to the problem atmosphere; they have some money to start their individual life but they cannot spend money in a proper way.

Having spent many years using full state support leavers of boarding-schools and orphanages are often not ready for individual life. Children do not know and cannot protect their rights; they are unable to make individual responsible decisions and achieve the set goals.

The “Saby” Charitable Foundation has been working on this serious problem for a long time.

We organized consultations given to children from orphanages by such specialists as doctors, teachers, psychologists. Besides, we organized meetings with interesting people, successful businessmen and professionals recognized in relevant spheres. They shared their life experience and secrets of their success with children. Certainly, it was very important to hold psychological seminars and trainings for employees of children social institutions, who deal directly with teenagers in the process of their preparation for adult life.

In the course of important activities aimed at social adaptation, in October of this year the “Saby” Charitable Foundation started the psychological correction programme for orphanage and boarding-schools leavers. During a period of 7 months a highly qualified practicing psychologist will hold theoretical and practical lessons with elder children of orphanages No 1 and No 2 of Almaty city and No 1 of Almaty region. A specially developed programme covers various aspects of life formation of young people: it forms variations of living situations and offers teenagers right ways of their solving.

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