Specialists of Montessori Are Trained in Kyzylorda

Specialists of Montessori Are Trained in Kyzylorda The new Child Care Center of Kyzylorda, built and equipped by Saby Foundation, was put into commission and fully functions since the beginning of this year. All conditions for safe and comfort residence of children, who left without parental care from the earliest age – from birth to 4 years old, are created in this modern building.

Besides the stipulated buildings by the Building Code, such as bedrooms, playing rooms, lavatories, dining rooms and cook-rooms, medical rooms and other rooms, The Montessori Center of Early Development was organized by the decision of President of Saby Foundation Aselle Tasmagambetova. The wide assortment of educational equipment does not have any analogues in the South region. The Minister of Health Care of the Republic of Kazakhstan Kairbekova Salidat, who visited the Child Care Center in February, said the following: ‘Montessori school of such level is build only in Astana and now in Kyzylorda’. Indeed, our Foundation looked at the matter of the Center equipping very seriously. Materials, furniture and books of training methods were purchased on a specialized enterprise in Omsk city.

Also the agreement with a lecturer of the Russian Interregional Association of Montessori was concluded with a view to hold a series of educational seminars for the employees of the Child Care Center. Two stages of trainings have been already held: the first one was held in October of the past year and the second one ended recently. Not only teachers, who realize instructional and educational work with little children, but practically all employees of the institution take part in ten-day seminars, as the system of early development is applied on all levels of communication with children.

A Montessori trainer will visit Kyzylorda at least twice a year. After completion of the whole course of training, 15 students will receive certificates of Montessori specialists.

Specialists of Montessori Are Trained in Kyzylorda Specialists of Montessori Are Trained in Kyzylorda Specialists of Montessori Are Trained in Kyzylorda

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