Saby Charitable Foundation announces the beginning of preparatory works on erection of a new modern building of an Orphanage in Kyzylorda city

Saby Charitable Foundation announces the beginning of preparatory works on erection of a new modern building of an Orphanage in Kyzylorda city for 60 children - from infants to 6 years old.

Heavy climatic conditions, a zone of ecological catastrophe of the Aral Sea, constant deficit of potable water and, as a consequence, a low level of living conditions and health of local population, especially of children, - all these aspects induce our Foundation to pay special attention to the region.

An Orphanage located in the regional center at: 84 Baiseitova Street, is one of the most technically unsafe social institutions of the city. It is a morally and physically obsolete frame-reed fiber construction built in 1956. Employees of the institution lime and patch the walls with clay but it does not prevent them from regular leakages and partial breakages. Window frames painted for many times have cracked and do not protect against winter frosts and summer hot. A centralized heating system is absent – the building is heated by means of a dilapidated boiler room and rusty decayed tubes. Children are living in such difficult and terrible conditions: they start here their difficult lives without support of parents and relatives.

Having inspected the institution the Saby Charitable Foundation made a conclusion that it was necessary to demolish a construction and erect a new building corresponding to technical and sanitary requirements of modern construction, with all appropriate premises: cozy bedrooms, spacious game rooms, light dining rooms, equipped sanitary facilities, medical rooms and training classes. It is also necessary to accommodate information adjacent territory as open-air walks are very important for formation of healthy lifestyle of children.

We refer to our friends and partners as well as to all benefactors and ask them to show delicacy and understanding and to render possible aid in making the construction. Any support is very important for us!

Best regards, Saby Foundation

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