Report. Charity Fundraising by Means of Qiwi Terminals

Report. Charity Fundraising by Means of Qiwi Terminals Saby Foundation is responsible for any contribution, coming from benefactors. Philanthropists repose trust in our organization their money in the belief that no tenge will disappear and all of them will find an effective application in the most actual social projects.

The "fate" of received funds is determined by the Board of the Foundation. For example, when the fundraising system starts by the means of Qiwi payment terminals, it was decided not to put in circulation individual allotment of users immediately (because usually, the amount of received payments is not very large); it’s more reasonably to accumulate money during a certain period of time and then absorb maximum interest of them.

At present, the amount, collected by common efforts of different people (whose names we do not know and, unfortunately, we cannot personally thank), was enough to participate in one of the projects of the Foundation.

It was decided to spend it in acquisition of medical equipment for children's social institutions, that is the State Children's Home of Kyzylorda city and the State health care institution Children’s Home of Karakastek village. In Kyzylorda there was purchased physiotherapy equipment for children, suffering from diseases of nervous system, and a set of hand-held massagers. And in Karakastek there was purchased a special air-oven, destined for sterilization and disinfection of medical instruments and utensils and sterilizing drums as well.

Due to the seemingly small contributions, paid in by means of Qiwi terminals, orphans and children, left without parental care and who are brought up in the aforementioned institutions will have the opportunity to reinstate their health.

Thank you, friends, for compassion, generosity and magnanimity! Good deeds do not go unnoticed. We wish you all success, good health and prosperity!

For making a donation, it is enough to stop at any of Qiwi payment terminal and make a deposit to the account. To accomplish this payment you should select "Other Services" in the terminal interface, then click "Charity", choose the "Saby" Foundation and make the donation.

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