Public Association “Mugedek Alemi”

Public Association “Mugedek Alemi”
January 27, 2010 | Grateful Letters

Republic of Kazakhstan
Public Association “Мүгедек Әлемі”

On December 14, 2009, on the eve of 18-year anniversary of INDEPENDENCE OF THE REPUBLIC OF KAZAKHSTAN, Public Association of Disabled Persons “Mugedek Alemi” acting jointly with Akimat of Atyrau city presented in the regional rehabilitation center special automobiles intended for carriage of disabled persons. Three new Volkswagen microbuses were donated to “Mugedek Alemi” Nongovernmental Organization by the Non- Commercial Organization “Saby Charitable Foundation for the purpose of implementation of the social project “Fight against three steps or Atyrau is a city without barriers!”

Dear Assel Imangaliyevna!
Мүгедек Әлемі Public Association of Disabled Persons has the honor to express on behalf of disabled persons of Atyrau region sincere appreciation to you as the President of Saby Charitable Foundation for considerable contribution to improvement of lives of people having physical disabilities. Your direct participation in development of INVATAXI services in Kazakhstan will allow many people to bring their dreams and opportunities to life.
We wish you reliable and faithful partners in all your undertakings! Let the basic principles of your activities remain objectivity and creative research!
We wish you success and prosperity. Let the year 2010 bring you confidence and optimism in developing your noble activities!

K.B. Nurzhigitova
Chairman of Mugedek Alemi
Atyrau, 2010