Opening of the sports center in Makhambet settlement


Saby Private Charitable Foundation founded by Assel Tasmagambetova started its work in 2002 and became one of the leaders in the charity sphere in Kazakhstan. The Foundation helps people who need it most of all.  

The Foundation uses its own author’s programs covering almost all socially important spheres throughout the country.

One of them is the Sports Program within which Saby builds sports sites and children’s game centers at children’s social and educational organizations, medical institutions, and in cities and settlements. The goal of the program is to enable children and young people to go in for sports as the athletic performance is not only the health promotion, but also character and discipline building, and drive for self-improvement.

During 16 years of its work, the Foundation built and repaired 46 sport facilities in 13 cities of Kazakhstan. About 440 mln tenge were spent to implement the project.

In 2017, the Sports Program of the Foundation was represented in Atyrau in the form of building a large facility – children’s game city with an area of almost 2,000 sq. m. Tens of outdoor leisure-time entertainments, pavilion for moms with kids, game site for children with disabilities, and the photo zone – it is difficult to list all equipment at the site. It is without equal in the entire region! Not only Atyrau citizen, but also citizens of the neighborhood come here with their families to enjoy the live fairy tale in the center of the city and take a dive into the childhood world.

This year the Charity Foundation continues its work to form the healthy style of life in Atyrau region. In October, Saby made a gift to the Makhambet settlement citizens in honor of the 90th anniversary of Makhambet region – a multifunctional sports center.

The center includes a football-volleyball field, basketball site, Street Workout zone and children’s game site. The latter is intended for children 3 to 12 years old. So it is equipped with game equipment suitable for this age: chutes, swings, climbers and passage, and stairs and ropes. In addition, interests of children with specific needs have been taken into account: a special children’s game center was built for them. As to Street Workout, this is a popular direction in street fitness that combines elements of field-and-track athletics and muscle-strengthening exercises using own weight to develop persistency and muscle strength. The all-purpose equipment in this zone is intended for athletics for adults and children aged 12 and over. The total area of the sports center in Makhambet is 1,500 sq. m.

Many socially important programs of Saby are long-standing in Atyrau and the region. There are many graduates of the Educational Program of the Foundation here, who received the organization’s grants to study at the best higher educational institutions of the country in different periods. Invataxi specialized cars purchased by the Foundation and transferred within the framework of the program “Decent Life to Disabled People” as a gift to “Mugedek Alemi”  Non-profit-making organization transport free of charge people with disabilities throughout the city.

Today the sports project is fully represented in the region.

It should be noted that the entire initiative of Saby Charitable Foundation is being implemented at own expense of its President, Assel Tasmagambetova. 

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