Saby Foundation Report 2023

In 2023, the Saby Foundation continued to implement its own system projects in Kazakhstan. This year we opened the fifth department of emergency pediatric surgery in Atyrau and organized a master class for local surgeons; launched the fourth Robotics Center in Uralsk; held the third joint charity evening with the Bulgari house and raised an impressive amount for the purchase of medical equipment; built a new secondary school in Astana; carried out a complete reconstruction of the children's rehabilitation center in Almaty; published a collection of fairy tales in the Kazakh language; issued free grants worth $330,000 to young entrepreneurs of the Republic of Kazakhstan; provided targeted assistance to children and adults in need. Details in our video report.

We would like to thank all our friends, partners, philanthropists and simply caring people for their regular help and support throughout the year. May there be even more good deeds in the new year! Happy New Year everyone!

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