Nick Vujicic: "Always find the strength to rise"

Nick Vujicic: "Always find the strength to rise" A unique man Nick Vujicic, who was born without arms and legs, became the inspiration for hundreds of thousands of people around the world . He enraptures with his fortitude, faith and endless love for life. And makes you wonder why we, quite healthy people , do not notice the simple everyday pleasures that make up the concept of "happiness".

Nick Vujicic learned how to be happy for a long time and he succeeded. Now he shares his secrets in his book "Life Without Limits".

Here are some quotes of this remarkable man, which call for courage, give hope and fill us with self-confidence:

1. If you don't have a friend, be a friend. If you don’t have hope, give hope to others
2. If no one opens, knock on several doors.
3. We all can find something bad or imperfect in each other. But I prefer to look for grains of gold.
4. Act in the way so that your own actions inspire and empower you.
6. You have to understand that sometimes it is impossible to receive the answer right away.
7. When you are not ready to accept yourself, it means you are even less ready to accept other people.
8. There are many problems in the world that haven't affected me. I am sure that my life is a thousand times easier than the lives of many people.
9. I learned very early that asking for help is possible and necessary. No matter whether your body is ordinary or not, there are things that you cannot overcome alone.
11. Love does not care about what you can or cannot do, who you are and who you cannot be. True love looks straight into your heart!
12. When faced with any difficulty, find pure joy in it.
13. Consider the attitude to the world to be a remote control. If you do not like the program you are watching, you just grab the remote and switch the TV to another program. So it is with the attitude towards life: when you aren't satisfied with the results, change the approach, regardless of what problem you are facing.
14. Those who consider themselves to be a loser are the people who do not understand how close to success they were when they gave up.
15. The perfect appearance does not mean anything if the soul is broken.
17. One of the greatest joys of life is to be a part of something larger than your own life and personal experiences.
18. In a stressful situation, feeling the impossibility to gather strength, it is important to separate what happened to you from what is going on inside you.
19. Life can be good if we choose it to be.
20. Another day – another opportunity!

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