News from Kyzylorda

News from Kyzylorda Recently, the Saby Charitable Foundation representatives have visited Kyzylorda with a working tour.

Almost a half of a year passed since the time when foster children of [b]City Orphanage
have moved to a new building built by our Foundation. We were interested to see how do the kids feel in their new home.

We were very pleased with the warm atmosphere of the institution. And this is obvious, how can you compare the old, cold premises under the threat of collapse, where the kids were before, with this cozy, bright, welcoming home, where they have everything they need.

Chief physician of the Orphanage with a great enthusiasm told us that the wonderful changes have taken place with children after the moving. Someone has taken the first step, someone has smiled for the first time, and everyone has got their personal space and a favorite spot. And this is not surprising, because earlier the kids, many of whom are under the age of one year, were mainly kept in play pens due to terrible drafts. And now they are happy to crawl on the warm carpets trying to reach the inviting bright toys on the bright shelves, and, of course, trying to get up on their feet and walk.

Going for a walk makes the older children really happy. This is so, because the playground, which is also built by the Saby Charitable Foundation, meets all the childhood dreams: you can take a ride on the swings, carousels and slides, you can roam through the safe mazes, play in the shade of arbors, or just lie on soft surface of artificial grass.

The time will come, when the orchard will grow up and became strong, and the kids will taste its fresh sweet fruits.

In the course of this visit, it seemed to us that the kids actually became much more cheerful than they were during our previous meeting. And, perhaps, this can be considered as the most important result of our work.

News from Kyzylorda News from Kyzylorda News from Kyzylorda

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