New Playground in Semei

New Playground in Semei In Semei boarding school No. 3 for blind and visually impaired children the new playground complex, built by Saby Charitable Foundation, with ‘climbing walls’, ‘walking area’, swings, slides, benches, rockers and so on has been opened.

School years for a child are the time of active growth and development, but for visually impaired children this period is the main period of their life, when they study at specialized training under the constant supervision. One of the major tasks of the school is the development of household physical skills; such children are studied to walk, to go up and down the staircase, to run, to jump and to dance.

When we got acquainted with the boarding school, it became clear that there was no place for foster children to develop in full rate. The decision was made to support the institution and to build for children special sport playgrounds and to equip places for relaxation.

Now, ‘simple’, but very important exercises children can do in the open air and in the form of game learning the outside world actively.

Photos before and after.

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