Michio Kaku. Simply About Complicated Things

Michio Kaku. Simply About Complicated Things
Michio Kaku (born January 24, 1947 in California, USA) - is an American scientist, expert in the field of theoretical physics. He is known as an active popularizer of science and author of scientific books.

In May of this year he read lecture in Nazarbayev University in Astana.

We think that now, when summer holidays are in full swing, you will be interested to read his books, which tells, in a simple and interesting way, about complicated things: science, technics, universe and future. There are many free links on the author’s works. We offer you to visit two of them:

Some facts about the author:
At the age of 16 the boy was the best chess player in school and made scientific experiments in his parents’ garage. His investigations attracted famous physicist Edward Teller’s attention, who took the teen-ager under his tutorship.

At the age of 21 Kaku graduated from Harvard University and started to work in Berkeley National Laboratory. At the age of 25 he got an academic degree, since 26 Kaku gave lectures in Princeton University.

Michio Kaku has been teaching theoretical physics in the City College of New York already a quarter of century. Doctor Michio Kaku is the author of several textbooks and a few score of articles in leading physics journals. He ranks the 22 place in the rating of the most referent academical authors.

Kaku has written nine popular science books, two of which – ‘Visions’ and ‘Hyperspace’ became the bestsellers and are translated into several languages. Michio Kaku is a frequent guest at radio and television programmes, as well as in documental films.

Kaku – one of the few sound scholars, who approaches to the mainstream audience: popularizes his scientific points of view, comments scale scientific events and occurrences, who can explain, using simple language, complicated problems of theoretical physics and universe.

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