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Healthcare Department of Almaty City

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Saby Charitable Foundation
Attn: A.I. Tasmagambetova, President

Ref.No 16 dated 22.08.2007

Dear Assel Imangaliyevna!

The Healthcare Department and Pediatric Society of Almaty city express you sincere gratitude and appreciation for provision of an opportunity to get free training at a special seminar in Ekaterinburg for neonatology physicians.
Training through the educational programme with participation of leading scientists of the world will allow our specialists to improve their professional level, implement new technology in obstetrical institutions of Almaty city, and improve quality of care of ill infants which means improvement of prognosis of future life of our children.
We provide you a list of seminar attendees, copies of their passports and filled in forms. The list of attendees includes specialists of obstetrical institutions and specialists of the second stage of infants care in hospitals.

Best regards,
Director of Healthcare Department of Almaty City
Z. Amanzholova

Executor: Zh. Akhmetova