Hamilton helps breathe

Hamilton helps breathe The “Saby” Charitable Foundation continues an activity on its “Medical Project” to provide Medical Institutions with equipment and medicine, to create favorable conditions for patients undergoing treatment in Medical Institutions, as well as to render medical assistance in case of emergency. Moreover, we have a great scope of works being performed including capital repairs of wards and game rooms, equipping of operating rooms, diagnostic and treatment departments. This Project covers about 14 Institutions of the Republic.

So, facing the New Year holidays, the Mangystau Oblast Infectious Hospital has received from the Foundation an Artificial Lung Ventilation Apparatus Hamilton-C2 made in Switzerland to be operated in the Resuscitation Department. And though the Hospital requested for ALV Apparatus for little children, we also took into consideration the Hospital specialization including the fact of treating both adults and children from all over the Region of the Republic. In this regard, the Foundation has made a decision to purchase both the Equipment and Completing Units necessary to be operated when treating patients of all ages.

It should be also noted that Hamilton-C2 can be used for newborn children of 0.5 kg. Hamilton-C2 will allow to reduce the events of infant mortality as a result of acute enteric infections and acute respiratory viral infections when providing emergency medical care.

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