Saby Foundation Annual Report

This difficult year is coming to an end, but, nevertheless, the Saby Foundation has done a lot of work, the results of which we want to share with you.

We thank our friends, partners, sponsors and all caring people for their regular help and support! We wish you health and well-being in the new year!

The progress report for 2021

Very soon the Saby Foundation will be 20 years old. All these years, the Foundation has been working for the benefit of those who need help, providing diversified support and covering all social spheres. Despite our serious…

Annual reports
Saby Foundation Report for 2019

The year 2019 was very busy and productive for Saby Foundation. This year, the Department of Pediatric Emergency Surgery in Almaty and Semey has been built and equipped with high-end technology, two new areas - the environmental…

Annual reports
Report on Targeted Assistance Provided in 2019

Dear Friends, As you know, the Saby Foundation performs its activities in the framework of 10 original projects. They are backbone and implementedon a nationwide scale. As a rule, all financial resources received by the…

Annual reports