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Beginning from this year we open two new headings “Wisdom of Great Persons” and “History of success” on the pages of our web site, where we will publish articles about interesting people, life histories of prominent figures, extracts and quotations from inestimable papers of classicists and contemporaries. We think that the guests of our web site will be interested to contemplate about the sense of imperishable phrases and texts, unique stories of remarkable persons’ life establishing, descriptions of their complex ways to their achievements will inspire our readers to great performances.

Sam Walton – the King of Retail Sales

“I have never been thoughtful and never lived in the past. On the contrary, incredible passion for fight has always been my distinctive quality. This feature supported me to keep my head above water, making me to live only in…

History of success
Tale of Ray Charles: How an Orphan Became Prince

“I do not understand why you, sighted people, have so narrow look at the world? Open your eyes, I beg you. I am ready to absorb life like a sponge ...”We present to our readers Ray Charles – the legendary American composer…

History of success
Jack Andraka – Young Genius

Jack Thomas Andraka (born January 8, 1997 in Maryland, USA) - is an American inventor and scientist. At the age of 16, he became widely known as the founder of innovative diagnostic of such oncology disease as the pancreatic…

History of success