Saby Foundation and purchase rapid tests for the determination of coronavirus

Press release

Event: Saby Foundation and purchase rapid tests for the determination of
Place: Almaty city, Nur-Sultan city
Date:19-24 of March of 2020

In total, the Saby Foundation and allot 210 000 000 tenge for the purchase
of 100 000 rapid tests for the determination of coronavirus and artificial lung ventilation

Assel Tasmagambetova, president and founder of the Saby Charity Foundation, and
Kenes Rakishev, co-founder of the Saby Foundation, support the Center for Expertise of
Medicines of the Republic of Kazakhstan by purchasing 50,000 tests for determining coronavirus
in the amount of 100,000,000 tenge. In addition, the Saby Foundation buys artificial lung
ventilation apparatus V8600 for the amount of 10,000,000 tenge.
Vyacheslav Kim, Chairman of the Board of Directors and Mikhail Lomtadze,
Chief Executive Officer of the, also allot 100,000,000 tenge for the purchase of 50,000
rapid tests for the determination of coronavirus.
Due to the announcement of the emergency mode in the country due to the prevailing
situation with the spread of the coronavirus Covid-19 and the subsequent announcement of
quarantine in the cities of Almaty and Nur-Sultan, the Saby Foundation, as part of its “Medical
Project”, decided to provide assistance to the population of Kazakhstan at this difficult time for
the country. executives decided to join this important initiative.
Well-timed diagnosis of a new coronavirus is a vital manipulation that will allow
identifying the disease in the very first days and beginning antiviral therapy as early as possible,
which in turn will reduce the spread of infection.
In this situation, the social responsibility of business is a direct responsibility for the life
and health of the population of Kazakhstan, for the future of their country.
Rapid tests to determine the Covid-19 coronavirus in the amount of 100,000 pieces will
be purchased and handed over free of charge to CDL Olymp LLP for free tests to the population
at the Olympus clinical diagnostic laboratories.
The artificial lung ventilation apparatus V8600 in the amount of 10,000,000 tenge will be
donated to one of the hospitals in Almaty.

About Saby Foundation

The Saby Foundation was founded in 2002. The main areas of its activity are the health of
children and their physical development, as well as spirituality and access to education. Directing
its activity to the most vulnerable sectors of society, the Saby Foundation is engaged in helping
orphans and children left without parental care, talented children from socially vulnerable
families, children with serious health problems, as well as, having expanded the boundaries of
their main goals, people with disabilities.

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