Follow Olympic Sportsmen!

Follow Olympic Sportsmen! These warm August days, our whole country is in euphoria from sports fever. This is thanks to the talented sportsmen representing Kazakhstan in the 2012 Olympic Games. Watching daily the competitions in London, we enjoy wonderful performance of our athletes, one by one making world records and winning medals of the highest value.

Saby Charitable Foundation, constantly aspiring for the improvement of social standards of living, aims at the development of the culture and potential of younger generation by accustoming young people to a healthy life-style and physical activity.

No wonder that one of our priorities is the ‘Sport-Health-Achievements’ Project, the main goal of which is the training of worthy representatives of the national sport. We truly believe that already now future champions are trained in the buildings constructed by Saby Charitable Foundation and we will be proud of their future achievements on the world sport stages.

The multipurpose sports ground for football, volleyball and basket-ball games in Semei city, delivered several days ago, is our successive, the twenty-third contribution to the development of Kazakhstani Olympic movement!

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