Beauty Day for daughters and mothers

The most feminine spring holiday is coming - March 8th. Women are preparing to receive gifts and compliments.

We want every woman on the eve of the holiday to be able to give attention to herself, renew her hair, do makeup or manicure in order to meet the spring blooming and charming.

And we decided to give this opportunity to mothers of children-pupils of the "Day Care Center for Disabled Children with Neuropsychiatric Pathologies of Almaty". Gift certificates for any types of hairdressing and cosmetic services in the beauty salon were awarded to 58 mothers! We also congratulated all the girls visiting the Center, giving them cosmetic sets with care products.

We congratulate all women on the upcoming holiday and wish them many wonderful days filled with joyful events!

Targeted assistance to children

We would like to share the news on targeted assistance provided by the Foundation. Thanks to small but regularly received donations from caring people, several needy families received support from Saby. Four of them bring up…

Targeted assistance
Saby Foundation report on targeted assistance…

This year, the total amount of funds spent by the Saby Foundation for targeted assistance amounted to 5,039,010 tenge. We express our deep gratitude to all the friends of our Foundation, philanthropists, donors and sponsors…

Targeted assistance
Targeted assistance to Arailym and Yernar

Once again, we want to thank all the philanthropists who regularly donate to our Foundation. With your help, over the past months, we have been able to provide support to several families in need. Thus, for five-year-old Arailym…

Targeted assistance