Charitable Dozen of ‘Saby’ Foundation

Charitable Dozen of ‘Saby’ Foundation ‘Saby’ Charity Foundation celebrates its 13th anniversary!

There is so much done within these years! With hindsight, we are proud to remember all the implemented projects, some of them have been developed and implemented for the first time while charity movement exists in our country.

One of such projects, for example, was the project ‘Good Living Standards for Handicapped People’: today at the roads of Kazakhstan there are 62 specialized vehicles intended for traveling of the people with disabilities who use wheelchairs. All vehicles have been purchased by our charity foundation and donated to the local societies of the disabled.

The infant orphanage for 60 children was built and commissioned in Kyzylorda city. 2-floor and 3-block building with total area 1717 sq.m. is built and fully equipped for comfortable living of orphans at the age till 4. The certified study center for infant development ‘Montessori’ was established at the orphanage. 'Saby' foundation as well performed landscaping and planting of the territory with the area 0.7 ha. Moreover the large children's playground and covered summer pavilions were constructed.

In scope of the ‘sports project’ 30 sports and play grounds were built in 10 cities of the country. The foster children from 20 boarding schools have the opportunity not only to play or train outdoors but also go in for sports at professional level.

Within all these years we go on working on our ‘Educational Project’: we keep in touch with orphanages and help foster children to find their own way in life. For this purpose we are constantly dealing with children: career oriented tests, training courses to prepare children for the unified national testing, psychological trainings, educational grants.

In scope of the ‘Alem’ Young Talents Support Program 'Saby' foundation provides comprehensive support for gifted youth of Kazakhstan, including allocation of educational grants to allow the children studying at the most prestigious educational institutions as in our country and in near and far abroad. Annual poetry competition is performed in scope of 'Alem' program. Young ‘gifted’ mathematicians attend the 5-year-advanced mathematical courses, which have been organized by our foundation in the scope of this Program too. Moreover this year the foundation 'Saby' organized a competition for promising young businessmen ‘Build your own Business’ aimed to allocate grants for young people to develop own business.

The project ‘Youth’ intended to help former graduates from Almaty boarding schools to resolve their housing problems. Due to the initial 50% payment for a 1-room apartment in Almaty city, which is paid by our foundation, the young people are able to possess own apartment.

And, the most important event - we start building of social residential house for 80 persons in Aktobe city, where the orphans, graduates with disabilities from specialized boarding schools will live. All the expenses associated with preparing the design and estimate documentation, building and equipping the object, territory landscaping and planting 'Saby' foundation will cover.

This fruitful activity is possible just thanks to philanthropists and sponsors who support us within all these years, entirely trusting us and providing invaluable assistance. We continue to tell them THANK YOU!

Video about the activities of the Foundation is here
Report on the activities of the Foundation is here

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