Charitable assistance to medical facilities of the city of Almaty

The well-known brand of drinking water Turan Water, with the cooperation of the Saby Foundation provided charitable assistance to medical facilities in the city of Almaty. 10,600 litres of Turan drinking water and 340 litres of antiseptics were transferred to medical staff and hospital patients.

The assistance was received by the following organizations:

- Children's municipal clinical hospital No. 2 - 10,000 liters of water and 200 liters of antiseptics;

- Almaty Regional Children's Clinical Hospital - 100 liters of water and 80 liters of antiseptics;

- Children's hospice for children with oncological diseases "I'm with you" - 500 liters of water and 60 liters of antiseptics.

We thank heartily Turan Water for its philanthropic effort and assistance!

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