BALALAROOM, SIX MONTHS LATER AFTER THE FINALWe begin a series of publications about finalists of the competition "Build Your Own Business" of 2017. The first finalist, which we shall discuss below, is Sergey Teyfel, the founder of the Balalaroom project on production of board games for children and adults. Sergey have formed the idea of such business just recently, however, in just one year he was able not only to make the first production, but also to win a grant in our competition, to create own shop and to open club of family rest "Balalaroom". Read more about it in our material.

About appearing of the Balalaroom project
The Balalaroom project came into existence for me while I was the head of the "Profiland" professions city. In this city there were moments which I wanted to correct, however in accordance with the circumstances, I could not make it.
Therefore, all those things which I wanted to implement in others business I decided to implement in my business. Just then I have got an idea with board games. At home, since the childhood, there was a table with a national Latvian game. My father always said: "Let's sell similar games". It seemed to me that one game is not enough. We began to study the market of board games all over the world. We understood that there is an enormous number of the board and development games that are not in Kazakhstan. I decided to buy several such games and to understand how they are interesting to our people. It turned out that people really like. That's when we learned about the competition "Build Your Own Business" carried out by Saby Charity Foundation, Kenes Rakishev and Vyacheslav Kim.

About the first games
About a year before receiving a grant in the competition "Build Your Own Business" we made the first game. I was the wage worker, but in my head I cherished an idea about how to make games better, researched the market. The grant helped us to launch full production, to realize all our ideas. Before that we haven’t enough money.

About the seed capital and own shop
We used own investment. We borrowed one million tenges to buy similar games abroad. After receiving games, we understood that delivery and production is very wasteful, for this reason, holding the initial samples we made the decision to make game desktops independently. My friends had a furniture shop. We agreed that on their basis we will be able to make our own games. Later, thanks to a grant, we could afford to open our own shop. It turned out very convenient, 300 square meters, own painting studio. It is not necessary to share with someone tools and machines more. Now 3 other persons, except for me, work in our shop. After the competition we had more orders.

About sales market
We initially selected for ourselves area of work with the organizations, but not with private orders. Because when we buy toys for home play, we do not play with children. That's the way people works. Then toys begin to become dusty. And sports games require the constant networking, partner with which it is possible to play. Therefore we began to sell our games to children's centers, different funds. Our games are convenient to people with reduced capabilities. The regions show big interest in our games, we have clients from Uralsk and Astana.
Recently we opened our own game room in Almaty. In general, everything that was planned in the business plan which we presented to Kenes Rakishev and Asel Tasmagambetov, we could execute. Now the main emphasis will be directed to a question of our product promotion.

About the assortment
Now we have 15 types of games. There are professional versions among them. We plan to develop the separate direction of sea billiards. We cooperate with the international federation of sea billiards. It will be already adult club of board games. We are engaged in promoting of this game because it is very popular in the world.

About the prices
One table costs about 100 000 tenges. Everything depends on the purposes. Somewhere tables are used daily, more expensive and strong tables are necessary there. And there are, for example, children's centers where classes are given once a week, naturally, it is possible to use cheaper tables there. We have several options of games production, depending on the purposes, we can offer different options to clients.

About games and children
Children of seven years begin to play our games. Though it depends on each child individually, on how the child can concentrate, perform a particular task more, than 10 minutes. Until thisage the attention at children is more distracted.
We pay a lot of time to a competitive part, writing of points, etc. In our club it is written in capitals that there is no Wi-fi. Parents absolutely support it. I understood that children will live on mobile platforms because they're really interested in our club.

About the new directions of business
I'm interested in the learning of languages. There is a sharp need for the Kazakh language study. I faced this problem. But I am not entirely satisfied with the fact that the market offers. For example, there are 10 phrases which I always use. I asked the friend to translate them into Kazakh, I made cards, placed them in the club. Now the staff uses these phrases in their work. It would be cool to create the portal on which people offering different services would throw off 10 phrases and would get their translation for some minimum price.

About development of entrepreneurial qualities
I always educate myself. I understand that I do not have the knowledge in promoting. I sent my colleagues for training who will work on SMM. I began to read a lot of enterprise literature. I always go on different enterprise meetings. There is not enough certain networking.
After receiving a grant some time has passed for start and adjustment of business. Basically the business really started just now. We shall be engaged in everything - production and promotion.
Once, I have already received a grant when I was engaged in creative activities and in general could not use it correctly. It was only one million tenges, but I had an experience of improper use of means. This experience now allowed me to approach of a grant use very consciously. I understood that any wrong action can lead to business falling. Especially, since I promised to open, at least 20 points in the next 2 years in Kazakhstan.

About plans
First of all, we would like to develop successfully the game room which we opened. For the first two weeks of our room operation about 200 people came to us. We practice different types of sales. There is a possibility of hourly pastime, there is a possibility of event management. The female radio gradually begins to work, people call us more often.
In the near future we would like to cooperate more with regions. People from Kyrgyzstan showed interest in us. Therefore we think over certain types of a franchise. We try to construct an available opportunity for creation of a startup. We will provide services, our practices for several years of operation, all partner communications. All this including tables, will approximately cost about 1,5 million tenges. We are ready to help with everything, the main thing that the project was implemented under a brand "Balalaroom".

About twenty points
Now I exactly know that it is possible. Difficult, but not impossible. At this stage it is important to show that it works, that can bring income. It more than really, just because there are no such games, and our product works.

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