9 million tenge raised to the Saby Foundation

The famous Kazakhstani blogger Alisher Yelikbaev celebrated his birthday the other day. In honor of his fortieth birthday, Alisher announced a fundraiser for the Saby foundation for the construction of a pediatric emergency surgery department in the city of Aktau.

A little earlier, another longtime friend of our Foundation, Beybit Alibekov, conducted the same campaign among subscribers on his birthday.

We are glad to announce that the total amount of collected funds amounted to more than 9 million tenge!

We sincerely thank Beybit and Alisher for such a wonderful and noble initiative. And, of course, we express our special gratitude to everyone who donated money to our Foundation.

This is a great support for us and a vivid example of how, united, one can do great good deeds.

We officially announce that the project for the construction of pediatric emergency surgery in Aktau has been launched, and we plan to open a new modern surgical department in the city by the end of spring!

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