19 Precepts for Parents and Tutors by Maria Montessori

19 Precepts for Parents and Tutors by Maria Montessori It is considered that only four teachers of the XX century made the educational revolution. They are: John Dewey, an American, Georg Kerschensteiner, a German, Maria Montessori, an Italian, and Anton Makarenko, a soviet pedagogue.

Maria Montessori represented the short precepts-reminders for parents and tutors. The precepts are simple, but if you ponder the sense of each of the precepts – it is the multivolume wisdom in a few words. We advise to read over this list just for once a year and then the relations with children can pass on the new qualitative level and a child will grow a more developed and harmonious person.

1. Children are taught by what they are surrounded

2. If a child is often criticized - the child learns to criticize.

3. If a child is often praised – the child learns to apprise.

4. If a child sees the hostility- the child learns to fight.

5. If you are honest with a child- the child learns to be fair.

6. If a child is often satirized – the child learns to be shy

7. If a child lives with the feeling of safety – the child learns to believe

8. If a child is often discredited – the child learns to feel his/her guilt

9. If a child is often approved – the child learns to treat decently to himself/herself

10. If a child is often indulged – the child learns to be patient

11. If a child is often encouraged – the child becomes self-confident

12. If a child lives in the amicable atmosphere and feels his significance –the child learns to find love in the world

13. Do not run down about a child – neither in the child’s presence nor in the child’s absence

14. Concentrate on the development of good qualities in a child so that there will be no place for bad qualities

15. Always listen to and respond a child who turns to you

16. Respect the child who made a mistake and who can correct the mistake now or later

17. Be ready to help the child who is in a search and to be invisible for the child who found everything.

18. Help a child to discover unknown things. Do this, filling the environment with care, moderation, silence and love

19. Always treat with a child using good manners – always offer the child the best you have


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