Participating means happy

“The word happiness in Russian comes from the word part. We experience happiness in parts, moments, and charity is the best way to become involved in something greater than yourself. I made this discovery 20 years ago when I started my work as a volunteer in one of the Almaty orphanages…

Over the years, I have observed a certain evolution of charity in our country: entire communities of volunteers have appeared, the attitude of society towards the institution of charity has changed, specialized funds have started to work. Charity has entered our lives.

One of these first foundations is Saby. Over the past 20 years, our foundation has come a long way. Our projects - invataxi - solving the transport problems of people with special needs, supporting talented youth, supporting young entrepreneurs, building schools, medical projects and many others - are represented in all 17 regions of our country. All this is done to improve the quality of life of our children. Especially in the regions!

4 years ago, we launched our Emergency Pediatric Surgery project, within which we are completely reconstructing and equipping the pediatric emergency department with modern equipment, as well as training local specialists in the most complex operations. Why emergency surgery? Because timely emergency assistance can not only save the life of a small patient, but also helps to reduce the percentage of disability.

And every time I am convinced of the same thing: charity is the best way to become a part of something bigger than yourself. Participating means happy!”

Aselle Tasmagambetova, President of the Saby Foundation

The opening of the game Park by Aselle Tasmagambetova
I am pleased to tell, that building of new large municipal children’s playground in Atyrau is completed!
About "Saby" Foundation
I am often asked why I amworking for charity and have established the foundation.
About the Foundation, about our work and a little bit about me
‘Saby’ Foundation is 13 years old: a considerable period to make a name and form a solid reputation