Vocational guidance is looking in the future

Vocational guidance is looking in the future Vocational guidance is one of the orientations of Educational project of the Charitable Foundation “Saby”. The primary object of this project is to help leavers of social institutions with vocational choice for children. It is very responsible step that maybe defines the life of young people in the future.

Testing on vocational guidance organized by us in two stages is held annually in October and February. Several days ago the first stage of this year was finished. 55 children from three supported orphanages took participation in it. Computer program “Professional orientator” developed by Russian specialists helps ninth formers and eleventh formers to determine their future profession.

Step-by-step individual analysis of results is executed after computer testing, firstly with the employees of the center, then with psychologists of orphanages. Important issues of the development of children’s innate abilities are studied. Also the necessity of additional lessons on certain subjects recommended by the program to intensified learning is discussed. Only excellent knowledge may be the basis for further education in institutes of higher education and colleges on specialties chosen during vocational guidance.

Right choice of profession is the possibility to realize the abilities and obtaining of maximum results from the work being done!

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