Training has been conducted with fosterlings of orphanages on a topic “How to behave during an interview”

Training has been conducted with fosterlings of orphanages on a topic “How to behave during an interview” One of the practical exercises under the programme of psychological correction and social adaptation of orphanage graduates was devoted to a topic “How to behave competently during an interview”. A lecturer of an Almaty Higher Education Institution, who was a very famous person in his area of knowledge, narrated the training participant about specific rules than could help find a job.

At the beginning of exercises the specialist told about himself, his work and the necessity for getting good education and knowledge of foreign languages in order to start fruitful career.
Then, the subject was how to produce positive impression on a potential employer and demonstrate interest in obtaining employment during an interview as well as what documents should be taken along.

During the second part of the training children, who had already chosen their future professions, were acting as “applicants”. Applicants who had applied for positions of architect, teacher and sales manager faced considerable difficulties. It emerged that children had minor knowledge of those professions despite their popularity.

“Applicants” for positions of cooks were more successful. A conclusion of the exercise was definite: besides knowledge and practical skills gained in educational institutions and at work, it was necessary to improve continuously the skills, continue self-education and develop erudition.

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