Subscription - 2015

Subscription - 2015 The subscription for the most readable and popular child’s publications, “Baldyrgan” magazine and “Ulan” newspaper, has been extended for social institutions which applied to Saby Foundation. Moreover, the quantity of subscriptions has increased doubly.

Therefore, in 2015 fosterlings of the affiliated institutions will have the possibility to read their favorite magazines again. Under the conditions of total computerization and informatization it is remarkably that children show their interest in “live” reading and it confirms the actuality of this charitable act.

The Saby Charitable Foundation presented cash…

It is commonly known that winners of various competitions often deal with the fact that the payment of the cash grants takes a prolonged period of time after the competition completion. In the case of Dombyra-Dastan competition,…

Education program
Robotics room for Petropavlovsk

Today, the official opening of the robotics classroom took place at Petropavlovsk secondary school No. 7. This is the second facility implemented by the Saby Foundation as part of its program to develop STEM education in the…

Education program
Results of the 11th Contest of Poets ⠀

We are honoured to inform you about the results of the Annual Contest of Poets organized by the Saby Charitable Foundation. All contest applications were considered by our permanent literary specialist, poet, writer,…

Education program