Professional Testing 2012-2013. Stage 1

Professional Testing 2012-2013. Stage 1   Recently, the first stage of professional testing, which is organized by our Foundation twice a year in October and February, for foster children of Almaty boarding schools, pupils of 9 and 11 forms, has finished. This year, the number of participants has reached 72 people.

Becoming older and getting closer to the Farewell Bell, which means school graduation, children realize the importance of the right choice of profession, which will open for them doors to an independent adult world and help to struggle for a place in the sun. Often many young people dream only about a high-paid job, but during study they already begin to doubt their choice of profession, after gaining a diploma they ask themselves how to find a job, because no one is waiting for them in the world of severe competition.

The computer program ‘Professional Orientation’ developed by Lomonosov Moscow State University is not only a help in the selection of an appropriate profession according to inclinations and psychological type but practical advices and recommendations concerning the preparation for the entrance to educational institutions. Our fosterlings already understand it well: experts of the internet educational center note that the attitude of children to professional testing changes on every new stage: if before it had been to a great extend perceived as an entertainment, now the interest and serious attitude of teenagers to the future profession definition gladdens.

We want to believe that every person will be able to choose his/her own way, realize talents, actualize himself/herself and become a good person.

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