Lessons in the tutorial center have given already their results

Lessons in the tutorial center have given already their results Six-monthly tutorial lessons we spoke previously about are continued. During almost two months fosterlings of orphanages being pupils of senior classes attend the municipal tutorial center where they can improve their knowledge in basic subjects included in the United National Testing.

Children attend lectures with pleasure. Individual approach to each pupil allows determining and eliminating gaps in knowledge. It is already possible to speak about the first results: during a trial test organized for the purpose of checking skills gained in the course of tutorial lessons pupils showed very good results: over 90 points out of 100 possible points!

Except the store of knowledge children are implanted with love for subjects and diligence. Furthermore, future school leavers are interested both in improvement of their knowledge in the school programme and in getting an opportunity to continue education in colleges and universities at the cost of Educational Grants provided by the “Saby” Foundation.

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