Intermediate Results of CNT Preparation

Intermediate Results of CNT Preparation Training courses for Common National Testing, which Saby Foundation annually organizes for children from boarding schools of Almaty and Almaty region in one of the tutor centers of the city, are still continued.

Specially developed program for school leavers is more detail and complex in comparison with the common school program. Probably, for this reason the points, received in the educational center by pupils on the monthly basis, are lower than they receive in their schools. In general, even the results of pupils, who could not receive minimal 50 points in the first months of education, were improved.

Certainly, great successes can achieve only those who did not miss lessons and attend additional Sunday elective courses. As the saying is “train hard…”. Now the future graduates have some difficulties, but during CNT they will not have unexpected questions, which can disorient them.

The future graduates have 3 months to manage to improve their results. The experts of the center will do their best to help with this issue.

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