Thomas Alva Edison- The Light in My Window

Thomas Alva Edison- The Light in My Window There was no more inventive person than Thomas Edison(1847-1931) in the American history. In general he is the author of more than 1000 patented inventions in the USA and about 3000 inventions in other countries. But before achieving such eminent result Thomas, according to his own sincere statements, has carried out tens of thousands unsuccessful experiments. During his life Edison improved telegraph, telephone, invented microphone, and phonograph; and what the most important Thomas illuminated America and then the whole world by his light bulb.

From the tender age he was very independent. When there appeared the necessity in money he carried on trade, he sold candies, newspapers, fruits. Then he managed the group of boys, who sold and shared their income with him.

In 1878 Thomas Edison started commercial introduction of light bulb, which brought him the great publicity. Light bulb was not his invention (here the priority belonged to Alexander Nikolayevich Lodygin and Pavel Nikolayevich Yablochkov), he became the creator of such type of lamp and such electrical distribution system, which can jointly work in economic run. Edison’s lighting system could compete with gaslight of those days. For the expansion of practical application of electricity it was equally important than the invention of a lamp. In 1873 Edison, after thousand of experiments, invented a lamp with carbon filament, which burned 40 hours. He constructed direct-current generators, power transmission lines, electric networks and then three-wire system.

In 1882 Edison opened his first central electric station in New York. It was the beginning of the lighting industry in America.

Thomas Edison’s sayings

Most of people believe that one day they wake up being wealthy. By half they are right. Someday they do wake up.

Belief – is comforting rattle for those who can not think.

Our great disadvantage is that we lose heart quickly. The right way to the success – always try once again.

Most of people are ready to work immensely, so that to get rid of the necessity to think.

A great number of people lose courage not even suspecting how closely they were to the success, when they lost courage.

Anxiety and dissatisfaction are the essential conditions for further progress.

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