Results of the “Build Your Business 2015-2016” Contest

Results of the “Build Your Business 2015-2016” Contest We would like to bring to your attention the results of the “Build Your Business 2015-2016” contest.

The main news at the time of awarding the winners was the fact that the sponsors of the project Kenes Rakishev and Vyacheslav Kim decided to increase the overall size of the prize by $ 50,000 up to $ 250,000!

The main grant of $ 100,000 was divided between two parties. As a result, projects of S-med Manufacture of medical training devices of Almaty ( and Manufacture of pipes for heating mains of Kokshetau ( / projects / 584) received $ 50,000 either.

Grants of the second category have been increased from $ 20,000 to $ 25,000.

Thus, another 5 finalists received $ 25,000 either:

1. Кuntech – Production of helio collectors, Astana (
2. Workshop, “Tyoplaya” design studio, Almaty (
3. “ESCO” energy-conserving systems, Almaty (
4. Bread for everyone of Kapсhagai (
5. Production of “Kozhe” national drink, Almaty (

A project originally not included in the short list but managed to prove its worth and prospectivity got a development grant from the organizers of the contest in the amount of $ 25,000: System of Analysis of the test results "SAR" of Almaty (

Thus, the total number of grants amounted to eight: two for $ 50,000 and six for $ 25,000.

We congratulate the winners!

Following projects have obtained an additional non-financial support from “Saby” Foundation:
1. Consilio Studio, Almaty ( – receives a premise with gratuitous lease for 1 year and order for filming of the social promotional videoclip for “Saby” Foundation.
2. Dream Big children's wear brand, Almaty ( – receives a premise with gratuitous lease for 1 year.
3. FACEFITNESS.KZ, Astana ( – free advertising article in the BOULEVARD magazine
4. “Taste of life”, Almaty ( – Agreement for cooperation with “O! Cafe” healthy nutrition cafe.
5. Amusement park for children in Arkalyk, Kostanay region ( – receives as a gift a new park attraction from the friends of “Saby” Foundation.
6. “Balalar” animation series, Almaty ( – assistance in the promotion of the Project, synchronization and writing of sound-track.

We express thanks to all projects for participation in the contest and wish you every success in the way of development of your business!

FAQs on the “Build Your Business” contest (hereinafter – “BYB”)

When “BYB” contest was launched?
- “BYB” Contest was launched in 2014.
Who is the organizer of the contest?
- At the moment, the main organizer of the contest is the "Saby" Foundation with the financial support of Kenes Rakisheva (Singulariteam) and Vyacheslav Kim (Kaspi bank).
What is time frame for holding of contest?
- The contest is held on an annual basis, usually from November to March, the exact dates to be monitored at the official website of the contest.
What is the purpose of the contest?
- The main purpose of the “BYB” Contest is a support of small business as a factor of development of Kazakhstan's economy by increasing the number of young entrepreneurs running their business in the promising, cost-effective and socially significant sectors.
What is the prize fund of contest?
- Total prize fund and the number of grants are approved annually, immediately prior to the beginning of contest, and announced in the website. However, the organizers reserve the right to change at any time of the contest the size and number of grants.
Who determines the winners?
- List of winners are determined by a commission consisting of representatives of all the organizers of the contest.
What are the stages of the finalists selection?
- Participants go through three stages of selection: placement of videoclips with a brief description of the business, submission of business plans and personal presentation of the own projects to the commission members.
What projects have a strong chance of winning?
- The top-priority are the developments and business projects being active or which are in the final stage of design in promising, cost-effective and socially significant sectors. Preference is given to the real sector of economy with a focus on industrial and scientific spheres.
What are the requirements to promotional videos?
- Duration of the video should not exceed 2 minutes. During this time, it is necessary to expand a business idea, to tell what resources and deliverables are already available, and for what purpose, and how much additional funding is needed, as well as convince of the relevance and potential of the business project.
Does “Saby” Foundation protect the copyrights of the participants?
- All the information contained in videoclips and business plans is publicly available. “Saby” Foundation is not responsible for the violation of any copyrights.

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